Friday, August 18, 2006

Random things clogging up the tubes of the Internets

Weird Al is damned brilliant. Toby Harrah would be proud.

The Big Snit is one of the better things that has ever been accomplished with our tax dollars. Excuse me while I go saw my furniture.

Sacha Trudeau paints a lovely portrait of dear Fidel... and Colby Cosh cuts Sasha to ribbons for his silliness.

The world now has more fat people than hungry people. So can Hollywood start donating fat collected from liposuction operations to the third world so Doctors Without Borders can start performing fat transplants? (Okay, that was insensitive.)

Gosh, I had been waiting with great anticipation to hear about Don Johnson's and Patricia Heaton's opinions on the War on Terror. Once Pauly Shore and Rob Schneider make their thoughts public, I'll really be able to sleep well at night.

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