Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apparently, I still own this domain name...

I suppose I should do something with it. I don't believe I currently a hankerin' to do any actual real writing, but you never know. Probably something somewhere will either amuse me or piss me off sooner or later, and then BAM! - instant wisdom will occur.

For now, my goal is to survive boring, sanity-testing winter. There isn't even any damn snow to try some cross-country skiing. Another goal is to continue to successfully buttress scheming attempts by the other members of my family to bring home a cat. I used to actively hate cats, now I simply show them the same disdain they show me. I'm also allergic to many types of cats (but not all), so that would be risky and stupid anyway. Also not a big fan of the pan of excrement in my home.

Perhaps I need a hobby. Suggestions?