Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear politicians,

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Really, there isn't.


Get over it!

So it has come to the point where I can no longer locate any politicians in the Western world that are actually proponents of free markets. (Other than a couple of guys that are nutso for other reasons.) I mean, maybe there are some that believe in markets privately, but in public they take the position of a pandering jackass.

In the upcoming Canadian federal election, I have 7 candidates representing 7 parties to choose from to vote for MP in my lovely home riding of Oshawa. As near as I can tell, each one of the candidates and parties is in favour of increasing the size of government.

(I'm sure my brother will tell me that the Conservatives are in favour of reducing the size of government, but really, where's the evidence of that? Show me, don't tell me.)

I'm voting for Bill The Cat.

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El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Well, it's true that conservatives are in favour of reducing the size and scope of government, but it would appear that Conservatives are not.

It's a shame (and a sham) that the terms are no longer synonymous.

Robert Conquest's second law of politics: Any organization that is not explicity right wing will invariably become left wing.

I cannot believe it. The Red Tories are holding sway, and the Reformers are going along with it because they finally tasted power.