Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ah relaxation

So I'm down at Oshawa's lovely Lakeview Park this afternoon, having just enjoyed a lengthy urban hike. I'm sitting on a bench in the shade, enjoying a nice view of Lake Ontario with a cold drink. Beautiful summer day, I'm on vacation -- life is grand.

A man and his teenaged son come into view, walking a big dog (probably a German Shephard cross). They pass in front of me, when said dog decides to leave one monstrous dookie about 4 feet from me.

The man says to his son, apparently for my benefit, "Oh, she's going again. I don't have another bag. I'll have to go get another bag." They walk off.

Needless to say, the ensuing odor brought an end to my state of relaxation. I had to leave before I could see if they'd come back to bag it.

Having been "double-bagged" on many outings by our own wee little dog, I have learned to (as the Boy Scouts say) come prepared. That's the lesson for you kids out there: CARRY SEVERAL DOGGY DOO-DOO BAGS.

[Posting remotely from my Blackberry on Durham Transit bus route 401 northbound. Hopefully it will format okay...]

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