Monday, March 19, 2007

What he said

This is just a much better written (and clearer) version of what I was trying to say some time ago.


Katie said...

And this just adds another spin to things.

Interesting, when you consider that Mars doesn't have a human population or industrialization to contribute to what's happening.

Krankor said...

Mars does, however, have periodic, massive dust cloud activity which is the biggest contributor to temperature fluctuations:

On top of that, the variation of temperature on Mars over time is very high, meaning that recent trends aren't particularly indicative of anything.

Katie said...

True, I just thought it was interesting. But one of the articles on this that I found also mentioned that Jupiter and Saturn were also heating up. So who really knows?

Earth itself goes through cyclical weather patterns, of which I don't believe we have enough reliable scientific documentation to start completely freaking out yet.

While I do believe Global Warming to be an issue, I don't know that I believe it to be the doomsday scenario that some folks make it out to be.