Monday, January 08, 2007

Sports highlight swimming in awesomeness


Anonymous said...

The crowd sounds like it went crazy after the goal, but the TV feed doesn't come close to capturing the insanity.

I was there. I hugged another guy. It was absolute bedlam.

sporkless said...

I figgered ol Krankor mighta been there. But I wondered if the 'bedlam' might have been scaled down due to folks already having left... but then I remembered -- it ain't Toronto. Looks like everyone was still there.

Anonymous said...

There were a handful of people who left early, but I'd say 98% of the crowd was still there. It's very rare to see people leave in a one-goal game, though the instant Bergeron gave away the puck at the blue line a lot of people started standing up and putting on their jackets.

As an aside, a study by a couple of U of A audiologists basically said that if you attended every home game at Rexall during the playoff run last year, you likely suffered short-term hearing loss and maybe even some long-term damage.

It was worth it.